Dean Alvarez, a criminal Cogent Communications Manager

Hello my name is Dean Steven Alvarez, formally know as Dean Alvarez, I am from Cuba but I really hate speaking Spanish and Latin people.

I am a terrible criminal; I have a probation and i was in prison several times, i love insulting the police and driving without my driver's license, plus driving fast and furious while drugged.
I win a lot of money working at Cogent that i spend almost all in drugs.

I am not an engineer, I only go to a Northern Virginia Community College but I believe that I know more of power than an engineer. I really believe a super hero with my heat pistol yeah!
Download HERE my criminal records!

I am the Datacenter Manager Owner! of Cogent 200 SE 1st DataCenter and I LOVE fucking Cogent customers. For each customer I fuck, I report him to management and my income gets higher.

I also receive money from FDCServers for that (and also permitting FDC doing that they want).

From the beginning, I check at what time customers tap their access card into DC Reader, from that timestamp, I start tracing DC camaras, and I also pay attention to pretty womans that goes inside DC ;)

If you go inside with drinks or food, for sure I will call your attention, but even more if you use lot of electricity,no matter if you are paying it really expensive.

I removed the rug at the anti gatecrasher's lobby to prevent that customers seats on the floor like Rihanna hehe.

For example FDC can store all their old servers outside their racks without paying, but YOU CANT DO THIS.

Last time I broke the cabinet locks of HostEngine in order to search inside his power cables, sadly I found no errors and I got caught.

Now I disabled their keycard to take a deeper look inside Host Engine cables and I found they put a bicycle lock on their rack to prevent me to open them, shi! I cant breack this.

I love breacking rules and forcing others to do them, like politicians, religious, etc. Here at Cogent Communications i am a KING KING KONG!!!

At Cogent, breackers are key locked so you have to pay $300 to get power restored, or you can buy an online key for D Square Lock

but remember I AM WATCHING YOU

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